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The World's Most Scenic RiverJourneys: The River Spey
CH5 March 2021
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Jayden Parkinson
MTV March 2021
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Lesotho & Philippines
Netflix June 2020 & 11th January 2021
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Around The World By Train
Ch5 27th March 8pm
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National Geographic
4th September 9pm

Adrian Gordon by Patrick Uden

“Working with Adrian on re-editing First Time Farmers turned what could have been a slog into a delight. His grasp of cinematic narrative and story volatility vital in keeping an audience hooked is second to none, and it comes with a good helping of humour and plenty of speedy skill too…”

Adrian Gordon by Michael Toppin (Ex-LWT Director)

"I worked with Adrian at a formative stage of his career as a remarkably gifted editor.
Adrian's talent and commitment to both original talent on innovative experimental projects - and also his ability to deliver on established mainstream top rated shows - is unsurpassed by anyone I have worked with."

"As Sacha Baron Cohen's original mentor and co- creator of the characters of Ali G and Borat - I am quite certain that Adrian's input to the early development of a new form of factual programming was totally invaluable. Adrian has a unique ability to tune into an idea instinctively and literally transform the entire project. He is a consummate professional and in a class of his own."

Adrian Gordon by Jans Hicks - Edit Producer of Made In Chelsea Ch4

"I’ve worked with Adrian on and off for over 5 years during which time he’s always proved to be a versatile and gifted editor. Strong on story, structure and style, he’s also great with his use of music. Easy to get on with in the edit, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

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