I started my career in Factual Documentary and my first big gig was making two pilots for the explosive, Ramsay’s Boiling Point series for Channel Four. The second became episode four of the series.

In a career editing over 300 hours of telly, I’ve edited Reality and Factual / Entertainment from Too Hot To Handle, Bear Grylls - Celebrity Island, Sun / Snow, Sex and suspicious Parents and The World's Most Scenic River Journeys, to name a few.

My speciality, unmuddling complex narrative - creating a sound stage to maximise mood and editing music that delivers a punctuation at the necessary moment.

I’m dedicated, focused and go the extra mile.
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Outside of my love of story telling, the soundscape is key and its my absolute passion. I work hard at utilising all my music contacts and catalogue before a project begins so I am armed with an arsenal of sound effects and tracks that I can quickly chop in to get a sense of the feeling and emotion of the cut. I’m instinctive and fast at chopping music seamlessly and adding SFX to punctuate mood. I find it quite amusing and satisfying too.

My best sound design was on a Netflix episode of Inside The Worlds Toughest Prisons. I inherited the show following an over-run and whilst the story was gripping, it was devoid of emotion. A quick trawl on the net for top ten Honduran native bird sounds from the season it was filmed in, threw up a screaming macaw, coupled with the obligatory sounds of a prison, chains, plates banging, doors slamming and keys in locks - it exploded into life. I got quite a rush when I watched it air.

Another, Snow, Sex & Suspicious parents (BBC3) was another belter. I’m into banging house and trance music so I went nuts with the latest club bangers at the time. The twitter feed was awash with the kids raving about the tunes I'd used.

Lastly, Gordon Gino & Fred - Road Trip: Italy. I went all over the top with classical - quirky and sometimes ridiculous tunes to match the stupidity of the trio and went to work with the sat nav voice of Mr. Ramsay for comedic effect. They crashed the camper van and the order came, “You’re going the wrong way!’ Was the funniest show to date. Naturally I yelled, “Get me the BAFTA!’ The show received a TV choice award. guess that counts more by the viewers.

One thing my clients certainly wouldn't label me is dull. When it goes tits up - often does, I like to think I’m fun and supportive to be in the funk with. I always ‘Cut the Mustard’.

I love what I do.